Sunday, November 22, 2020

Grief: Insights and Tips for Teenagers

The mail came today. I got to open a box to see this book in print. 

In addition to insights and quotes from writers and poets and philosophers like Pat Conroy and Terry Tempest Williams and Cormac McCarthy, Mary Oliver and Rita Dove and Robert Frost, Seneca and Khalil Gibran and Marcus Aurelius, this book also contains insights from six teenagers who were brave and generous enough to share their stories about what it was like to lose a parent or sibling or best friend.

Some were eager to share and some were reticent, but all of them were willing -- willing to share their experiences in the hope they might help other kids who find themselves on the same path. The publisher sent me a half dozen copies. I'm signing those and sending them to Grace and Dexter, to Bailey and JDB, to Kate and Logan. 

Available 23 November 2020: