Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Welfare Check

John's grandmother listened to the police scanner when she knew he was on duty. At the end of each night shift, he'd stop in for breakfast with her and Gramps. When she heard John call dispatch to mark "out of service," she knew to raise the garage door and put on the bacon and eggs.

She teased him with questions he knew she knew better. "I heard the dispatcher send you on a welfare check. Do they really make you deliver welfare checks?"

John had been on duty through the night and Grams had been up since 3:00. Gramps, on the other hand, she had to shake to get him out of the rack. Gramps sipped at the coffee Grams set down in front of him and rubbed a knuckle in his eyes. "When do you move to day shift, boy? I love ya, but I'd rather be having supper with you."