Monday, May 31, 2010

SATC 2: A 30-Second Review

The 250 females in attendance seemed to enjoy it. Me and the other two guys in the theater had our hats pulled low, trying to avoid being placed at the scene.

For thematic content, I actually preferred "Brokeback Mountain"; at least it had cowboys, country music, and a decent story.

Liza Minnelli as a religious figure, a character named "Rikard Spurt" (with helpful character dialog to explain this pun should it be over your head), and four aging fashionistas in danger of either being sold into white slavery or scooped up and stoned by the mutaween.

Wait for DVD.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Alicia, Diane, and Audrey

The reading list for Diane’s sixth-grade history class included books on World War II and the Holocaust. Diane wondered why each year her students always seemed to pass over “Alicia: My Story,” the autobiography of Alicia Appleman-Jurman.

As a nine-year-old Jewish girl in 1939 Poland, Alicia Jurman saw her father and three of her four brothers disappeared, to find out later they had been killed by the Nazis. Alicia’s 17-year-old brother Zachary took up with the Polish resistance, was betrayed by a “friend” and was hanged in front of the police station, his body left dangling at the end of a rope as an example to others who would resist. Alicia and others crept back to the police station in the dead of night, cut Zachary’s body down, and buried him in a Jewish cemetery.